Who’s this?

Oh, nobody in particular.  I’m just strolling along, feeling my way through this thing we call life.

*  *  *  *  *

Update 2015:


I started this blog back in 2010 when I had been out of the church environment that led me to question everything I believed and why for about a year.  I knew I had things in me to write, and I desperately wanted and needed to process what I was going through, but it took a while to sift through all the debris and bring everything that really mattered into focus to articulate some of it with words.

The process of questioning, searching, researching is ongoing, but the main thing is…I am healing from the effects of some very damaging belief systems.



One thought on “Who’s this?

  1. I love what you have to say on this subject I grew up in organized churches and I am thankful for that because it is important to be in the Word when you decide to walk with the LORD as my life got more complicated and the reality of how much I had missed the mark that God had set for me I allowed shame to talk me into just not going where I would be judged…….no one can judge me any harder than I have myself at times I have been a portrait of self-hatred. Anyways….left organized church but was searching even deeper for answers and meaning to who I am and why am I here and if God is so good why is my life such hell and dug into the word with an OLD dictionary right beside my bible and began doing word studies and boy was it enlightening and then as I moved closer to him he moved closer to me and then I began to hear his soft whisper and it was exciting and it made me feel special and loved and confident of where I stood with him and I am still learning/stumbling/backsliding as the ‘ol Baptist church calls it but I don’t ever feel a need to re-dedicate my life as I was taught. I never have felt the absence of his presence once I recognized that he was always present it was me that had not shown up at times before the change really took place in my life at 29 after I had my first child….anyways I love to hear other’s perspective and thanks for sharing because now this is my church when I have conversations with people like that are comforting and peaceful and easy no judgement, no pressure….Thanks!

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