almost a year

Wow!!  Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since my last post here!

My spiritual journey has taken quite a few twists and turns.  That kind of sounds like I’ve been in the brambles.  Indeed, I have.  Yet I feel clearer for having fought through the entanglements.  I’m still fighting my way out.  These days, however, I am not getting cut and beaten up nearly as much.

I created another blog to process many of the emotions I’ve felt while detoxing from my religious past.  It is not for the faint of heart, so if you like where you are and do not wish to have your current views challenged in any way, I would advise you to not visit the new blog site.

For those of you who also feel as though you’ve been fighting your way out of the brambles, and it’s been more than a little bloody and smelling more than a little poopy, I welcome your presence and would love to share the journey with you in whatever way or measure you’d like to share.

In some ways I miss the religion I left behind (specifically, evangelical Christianity of the Charismatic variety).  My husband I have been attending a very kind and gentle little Methodist church out in the country for the past 4 years now, and we love it!  I never thought I could ever do church in that way again (all is calm) once Pentecostalism got hold of me.  But needs change, and the change was indeed what I needed.  I don’t know where I’m really headed these days, doctrinally or otherwise.  I’m just living my life and doing the best that I can with what I know.

I wish you well, fellow sojourner.

Here is where I’ve been writing these days if you care to drop by: two to beam up: permission to speak freely, sir…