I have no idea if this is true or not as it came from a source I consider to be slanted, but I read somewhere that it’s becoming illegal to counsel people from unwanted sexual leanings and the like.

There is a profound difference between exhibiting behavior or seeking to convey to one (and that one may include oneself) or to many an air of normalcy and having a sense of normalcy from deep within one’s being that elicits a sense of well-being.  I’m not against counseling to achieve that inner sense of normalcy.  I believe that counseling is of the most benefit when 2 people are working together to truly commit to searching out and not stopping until the truth is arrived at no matter how deep, how broad, how high, and even how long it takes to find the absolute truth that truly makes free.  Therein is freedom where that sense of normalcy, that sense that all is well, becomes possible.  If the goal of counseling is the manipulate the outcome, it has failed before it has even begun.

If words spoken are the agreed upon words of truth, but they are spoken with a manipulative heart, the truth becomes lost in the words.  The words become meaningless.  In fact, depending on the degree of manipulation behind the words, the words that were designed to bring freedom become kidnappers, hostage takers, they become weapons that can inflict much damage – and can even become destructive.  Preachers please know and remember this as you step up to that pulpit to counsel your flock.  May we all encounter the truth that truly sets free this morning.  Amen.


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